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Edwards & Eska  - a collaboration  

Maker Profile 


Edward and Eska is a mother/daughter maker collaboration established in 2006. Francesca’s background is in Fashion Design & Technology and Victoria Edwards is a Lyttelton based artist working in collaboration - EDWARDS+ JOHANN  - since 2006 with German born New Zealand Resident Ina Johann.  


Victoria and her eldest daughter Francesca created Edward and Eska as a platform enabling them to develop carefully selected joint project ideas as creative opportunities arise.  


All items are100% made in Lyttelton, Christchurch 


Our Round Bolster is a lightweight, classic bolster used to provide comfort, support poses and increase stretching during restorative postures or deep breathing exercises. 

The bolster can be placed under various parts of the body to support and  

encourage total relaxation. It features a sturdy carry handle for easy transportation. 


The Denim inner Bolster is made with medium weight denim covering and stuffed fairly firmly to create comfortable support. It features a resilient, long lasting fiber-filled cushion that provides good support whilst still being soft. 

Over time this bolster will naturally compress down to a slightly more oval shape; an ideal shape to support you during your practice. 


Denim inner Bolster  

700mm x 240mm diameter  

Features a sturdy carry handle for easy transport:  $100


Washable Outer Cover 

The natural fiber outer cover is available in  

100% wool/cashmere  - Dark Grey: $45                                        

100% Linen - Red: $35                                                  

100% Cotton (re-purposed) – Pale Green/White: $35    


Featuring a handle at one end for ease of transportation and maneuverability and a drawstring at the opposite end for removal of the bolster inner during cleaning.  

This washable outer cover can be either hand washed or machine washed in cold water on a gentle cycle. Fabrics are all pre washed. 




Rose petal and Lavender Eye Pillows  - for inner comfort and relaxation: $35.00 


Helps to still the mind and relax the eyes. 

The rose petal lavender Inner gives a light aromatic scent that only adds to the suggestion of rest and total relaxation. 


The silk or linen outer Cover gently caresses the skin whilst the organic buckwheat adds weight and molds softly to the face for added comfort. 


100% Cotton Inner filled with organic buckwheat/rose petal and dried lavender. 


The washable outer Cover can be hand washed or machine-washed in cold water on the gentle cycle. 




Removable washable 100% silk or 100% linen Cover 



Rose Petal and Lavender Eye Pillows

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This one time payment allows lifetime access to our premium video library. 

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